As a seasoned Chartered Accountant, AB offers his clients advice and assistance that will create peace of mind for you. A range of services are offered at competitive, value added rates.

More Personalized Service

Are you tired of talking to accounting staff who aren’t familiar with you and your file? This while paying top dollar for fees, then maybe AB is for you. His one-on-one personalized service approach means that clients get their questions answered quickly and that their tax filings are completed in a timely manner.

Meeting Times

Recognizing that most clients are busy during the regular work week, he is available for meetings after 6pm during the week as well as on weekends. If you operate a business outside of the GTA, he is happy to drive out to meet you for an initial consultation.

Keep You Organized and On Track

AB keeps his clients on track with all of their payments, filing deadlines, bookkeeping and financial reporting. AB believes his clients are more productive and therefore more profitable when their finances are under control and up-to-date.In addition to completing all of the tax filings, AB will identify any problem or risk areas in your business or personal tax situation that may lead to larger problems in the future.

Helping You During Confusing Times

Tax forms are tedious and stressful for those who are not familiar with the system. Laws are constantly changing making the tax system even more complicated. Having a professional accountant with a personal approach to the business helps ensure that tax returns get filed on time to avoid any penalties and interest. Throughout the process, AB guides his clients and offers advice on any tax-related issues or decisions.

Advising Clients on Financial Decisions

AB can provide independent advice related to investments you may be considering. Since he has no financial interest in your investment, you can be assured that you will receive the best advice for your applicable situation. If you are a business owner, AB can offer strategic planning tips to ensure your company will be financially stable and not end up in financial or other difficulties in the future.

Competive, Value Added Fee Proposition

While AB is not the least expensive option for accounting and tax services, he is also not the most expensive one. His clients believe his fees are competitively priced and offer a value added proposition compared to other service providers.

Prompt Answers for your Questions

Are you having a hard time getting a hold of your accountant? With AB building an open line of communication is at the foundation of his practice. Rest assured that AB is always available to answer your questions within a timely manner.

Peace of Mind for Clients

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the many facets and intricacies of the world of taxation and finance, AB is equipped to handle even the most complex tax situations. You will feel confident that your matters are being dealt with by the right hands.

Virtual Tax Service

AB understands that his clients are busy. Therefore, it is not necessary to meet with
him unless you choose to. We use a client portal for information upload and
downloading of tax returns to clients. Most clients prefer this virtual model as it allows them more time to focus on their own business, job as well as family and personal time.


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Mailing Address:
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We are a virtual, cloud based firm. Meetings are by appointment only and are normally held at the address listed above.

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